Tapered Trouser (Inky Charcoal)

Tapered Trouser (Inky Charcoal)


A slightly high waisted trouser. Rests on the hips with a loose, tapered silhouette. Curved side pocket detail and one rear pocket on right-hand-side. Special tailored button fly detail.

Fabric is hand-woven in-house, with a medium weight cotton yarn, spun in Japan. The colour is 'Inky Charcoal,' a deep cool shade of charcoal which will age gracefully with time.

This garment is then intensely hand built in-house. Hundreds of hours in work and many months of researching and testing to achieve the final precise fabrics and garment. Total 15 made.


Sizing Information

XXS - 24-26" waist

XS - 26-28" waist

S - 28-30" waist

M - 30-32" waist

L - 32-34" waist

Full length is 40" from waist to bottom hem

Tailored crop to fit available, please specify length in order.

Kenneth is 190cm and wears size S

Veronica is 175cm and wears size S

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