Relaxed Coat (Utzon White)

Relaxed Coat (Utzon White)


A lightweight, relaxed blazer, mid thigh length. Full-length sleeve, with selvedge exposed cuff. Two button front closure, with buttons made exclusively by Ceramic artist Natalie Rosin. Two deep front pockets.

Fabric is hand-woven in-house, with a buttery 100% Border Leicester / Merino yarn. The colour is 'Utzon White,' a bone white akin to that of Sydney's Opera House. The fabric is lightly felted after weaving to amplify the presence of texture.

This garment is then intensely hand built in-house. Hundreds of hours in work and many months of researching and testing to achieve the final precise fabrics and garment. Total 15 made.


Sizing Information

XS-S - 40.3cm Shoulder to Shoulder

M-L - 43.5cm Shoulder to Shoulder

Kenneth is 190cm tall and wears a M-L

Veronica is 175cm tall and wears a M-L

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